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Measuring What Matters: Participation in Everyday Life

The impact of osteoarthritis (OA) on many areas of life has been poorly recognized in the past. These areas include:

  • participating in work;
  • home and social life;
  • sports; and
  • other leisure activities.

A new diverse group representing consumers, researchers, and clinicians with a range of expertise, sharing an interest in the broader impact of OA on the lives of people living with this condition, are investigating the following objectives:

  1. define where early OA has an impact in people’s lives and assess changes over time;
  2. assess existing questionnaires used for people with early OA and design studies to improve and evaluate them; and
  3. assess relevant personal and environmental factors such as people’s perceptions of their condition and preferences for OA treatment and its relationship to the progression of OA.

The project is funded through a Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) New Emerging Team (NET) Grant and the Canadian Arthritis Network (CAN).

ACREU Investigators: Dr. Monique Gignac (Co-PI), Dr. Elizabeth Badley, Dr. Aileen Davis

Research Co-ordinator: Cristina Mattison

Also see Tooling Up for Early Osteoarthritis: Measuring What Matters.