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The Impact of Arthritis and Other Chronic and Disabling Conditions on the Health of Canadians

Longitudinal and cross-sectional surveys such as the National Population Health Survey, Canadian Community Health Survey and the Participation and Activity Limitation Survey help to put into perspective the far reaching effects of arthritis and other chronic conditions. Using such data, this project seeks to identify and explain the effects of arthritis and other chronic and disabling conditions on the health and lives of Canadians. The goal of this program of research is to help reduce the impact of arthritis on individuals, their families, and the population. This helps to inform policy decisions and program development for the prevention and management of arthritis and other disabling conditions.

Previous work of this research program has shown that arthritis is the leading cause of disability in Canada. Arthritis and other disabling conditions contribute to activity limitations and affect health care utilization, educational attainment, income, labour force participation, marital status and personal health behaviours. Ongoing work seeks to understand the complex relationships between disabling conditions and their many consequences.

This program of research leads to a variety of publications, such as journal articles, book chapters and commissioned reports.

ACREU Investigator: Dr. Elizabeth Badley