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About Us

What is ACREU?

The Arthritis Community Research & Epidemiology Unit (ACREU) is a research unit and a primary source for reliable population-level data on arthritis in Canada. Our research aims to improve our understanding of arthritis and osteoarthritis and its impact on individuals and society using clinical and population-based data.

ACREU brings together specialists in epidemiology, rheumatology, orthopaedics, and allied health professionals. ACREU investigators were major contributors to the first-ever, federally funded national study, Arthritis in Canada (2003), the Arthritis and Related Conditions in Ontario: ICES Research Atlas (1998 and second edition 2004), as well as the federally funded national study, Life with Arthritis in Canada - A Personal and Public Health Challenge (2010).

ACREU’s research is carried out in partnership with Arthritis Society Canada and through peer-reviewed funding.

ACREU’s partners include: Arthritis Society Canada; Krembil Research Institute; and the Schroeder Arthritis Institute.

Our mission

To ameliorate the adverse impact of arthritis on individuals, their families and the population through comprehensive research leading to the development of innovative programs and policies.

What kind of information does ACREU offer?

ACREU is the leading source for:

  • Reliable data on the prevalence, incidence and impact of arthritis in Canada

  • Information on the impact of arthritis on individuals, their families and the community

How does ACREU and its work fit into the larger picture of understanding arthritis in Canada?

ACREU provides data on population and health services research to Arthritis Society Canada, and other national arthritis groups. ACREU has collaborated with and provided consultation to the Public Health Agency of Canada and Statistics Canada on arthritis surveillance. ACREU’s work has been instrumental in changing the profile of arthritis in Canada.

Where does ACREU get its funding?

ACREU receives funding from a combination of peer-reviewed grants (e.g., Canadian Institutes of Health Research) and independent contracts. ACREU also receives support from the Schroeder Arthritis Institute at University Health Network.

ACREU maintains close links with Arthritis Society Canada and is partly funded through a Collaborative Service Agreement with this organization to support an ongoing partnership to ensure reliable and up-to-date arthritis data is readily available and accessible to the public. Arthritis Society Canada is Canada’s national charity dedicated to extinguishing arthritis. Fueled by the trust and support of donors and volunteers, Arthritis Society Canada is fighting the fire of arthritis with research, advocacy, innovation, information and support. It is Canada’s largest charitable funder of cutting-edge arthritis research and represents the six million Canadians living with arthritis today, and the millions more who are impacted or at risk.

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