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Models of Care for Arthritis

ACREU has conducted a series of studies to explore models of care delivery for arthritis. As the burden of arthritis increases, there is a concomitant decrease in the supply of health human resources. Trends indicate a growing gap between the number of people needing care for arthritis and access to appropriate services. The purpose of our research was to examine alternative models of care in order to support the development of care delivery systems that provide both timely access and quality care. Our research described a number of alternative models of care that have been developed internationally in order to address the issues in access to care and provide optimal care for individuals with arthritis. It also provided some insight into the perspectives of people living with arthritis regarding their health care needs. Finally, our research described the ways people with arthritis manage their disease in the community and how arthritis management fits into the context of broader chronic disease management.

This project is funded through the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.

Researchers: Crystal MacKay, Paula Veinot, Dr. Elizabeth Badley

Related Reports & Publications

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